My Love Note To You
I understand the feeling of looking, wanting, and waiting for love for so long! And to finally find it and scream it from the roof tops…Or in my case, based on my culture, break out in song and twirl around a tree.

Regardless, finding L.O.V.E deserves to be celebrated!

I've been doing weddings and events for a while now and I can honestly say the best part of what I do is YOU. Your unique Rom-Com: the nicknames, the stories, the inside jokes, all of the good, bad, and the ugly. I get IN-volved because it's my prerogative to bring your story to life, reflected in a day where you're surrounded by friends, family, and a bomb-ass good time!

- KJ

A Few Of My Favourite Things

Eating Oreo Cookies Dunked In Peanut Butter

Green Tea. At Least 3 Times A Day

Toast With Butter. This Could Be My Only Meal For The Rest Of My Life & I'd be So Happy

Red Wine. But I Don't Discriminate. All Wines Are Welcome.

Dancing. I Have Been Moving & Grooving All My Life

The Love Of My Life, Mikey

Sunglasses. I Collect Them.

My Yorkie, Charlie



The Resume


I have 5+ years of experience working within the Advertising industry as an Account Manager. Skills such as conceptualizing innovative ideas, resourcing vendors, adhering to a budget, working with various lead times, and delivering results are just a few talents I am able to bring to planning your event.

I have had the opportunity to execute events for some very reputable companies such as Paramount Pictures, Fuji Films, and Elizabeth Arden to name a few, with the honour of having some of my work nominated for media industry awards.

I am certified by the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada! As a credited member, I have access to a plethora of knowledge and resources, along with discounts from vendors that I will be able to pass onto you. Think of it as getting 1000+ event planners for the price of one!



Don't Be Shy.

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